Holy Hell.

I got my dream job and move in a month. This is like one of those dreams where it’s July but you dream it’s the first day of school and you somehow ended up there but you’re late, the only one who hasn’t done a huge project, and trying to bide time until you can figure out how you got there and what the hell happened in the last few hours/days/months that jumped you from one part of your life to an entirely unfamiliar part.

I’m excited but because I am so caught off-guard, it seems too good to be true. I just feel like it’s like I felt in college or high school a few times when I walked into class one day feeling really good and satisfied with how on top of things I was, how much time I had to finish a project after pacing myself well and taking it seriously, only to find out that it was a false sense of confidence because the reason I wasn’t overwhelmed was I didn’t realize there was a project worth 40 percent of my grade due at midnight.

Kind of like that.

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