I’m not sure if you would categorize my general writing style as fiction or non-fiction. I kind of like to walk the line between them. Sometimes I stumble nonchalantly over to one side because I wasn’t deliberate about my balance. Sometimes I purposely step. Anyways, some of these entries are entirely fictional in the respect that they are not at all based on my life. Others are loosely informed by my experiences maybe in theme but not in terms of personal perspective. Others are subjective or objective memories typed out to the best of my ability. Any of the entries that border on fiction are included here. I’d say this is the type of writing I enjoy best so I would be flattered if you read something.

Short Vignettes (Generally describe a feeling, perspective, or experience)
Breathing in water.
A bull in a China shop.
A Christmas Story.
Cotton Candy Cancer of the Brain.
Dancin’ with myself.
Stock photographed lives.
Take your hand from around my throat.
A waking dream.
What I was waiting for.
You were meant for me.

Series (Listed in order of entries per set)
Somewhere in Between. (Incomplete and while entries are going towards the same story, they may not be smoothly connected as I began writing them in a nonlinear order)
Somewhere in between.

Untitled (Walking Between Walls)
Journey between two walls.
Two men, a barefooted horse, and a Louis.
Oh Louis, Louis.

Prose That Reads Like Poetry
Breathing in water.
Dancin’ with myself.

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