Strategies for Socializing After Isolation

Another post I really liked today. It has some tips I didn’t think about that probably should have occurred to me, like thinking beforehand how I want to answer the “how have you been” question.

Uncustomary Housewife

Mental illness can be tough. Becoming socially isolated as a result of mental illness is far too easy. Depression can cause us to push people away. Anxiety can cause us to doubt ourselves and our interactions. Agoraphobia can keep us inside our homes. Skin-picking can make us embarrassed to be seen. Mental illness can isolate us physically and socially. I’m speaking from personal experience, and this isolation isn’t limited to the examples I’ve listed. Isolation impacts many of us for a variety of reasons.

Socializing Again

Beginning to socialize again after isolation can be equally as tough. Stepping back into the world can seem overwhelming. Whether we’ve been isolated for days, weeks, months, or years it’s all difficult. There are many skills we get out of touch with, there are mental muscles we haven’t exercised in a while, plus there is the initial shock of socializing itself. Sometimes we don’t…

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