Cabin Fever.

I’m currently in candidacy for a few different jobs. 3-ish although I only think two are actually viable. Fortunately, they are the two I find more interesting.

I think the hardest part of the job search is you are both entirely responsible for your fate and have absolutely no control. Contradictions are dramatic, I know but I’m indecisive. It’s kind of a frustrating, maybe lose-lose. You can control what you do, the work you put into it, your job prep, networking, attention to detail over your application materials. Then you get chucked into a pool full of people (talk about a nightmare scenario for a germaphobe like me) and you’re kind of like that game at the fair (let’s go for mixed metaphors here because it’s f’ing Friday), the one with all the gold fish in little glass bowls. Some have orange bottoms. Some green. Some red.

Me: We’re going to have to cut back on spending a bit.  My dog:
This is Finn in his most dapper interview outfit (bow tie and all).

The result is entirely up to the participant, who is interested enough to pay the four dollars but is secretly thinking about those deep fried oreos, who tosses a ping pong ball haphazardly at the center, waiting to see how many bounces it takes. Some of the bowls are slightly more interesting. Some of the gold fish are a slightly different color. Or bigger. Or smaller. But for all intents and purposes, they’re enough of the same that it isn’t a nail-biter. The only ones who actually care are probably the fish who want to get out of those tiny ass bowls and that loud environment hoping they go home with Bonnie instead of Sid (if you don’t get that reference, I’ve lost all hope in the world).

That’s being a job applicant. Of course there is a positive side. I just did yoga so some part of me has to be zen AF. But it’s largely a mixed bag–a scary game of musical chairs where each job you’re applying for is a chair and each time you don’t get a one, you’re closer and closer to being on your ass. Except, you know, in this scenario you’re worried about being able to pay your bills and keep your dog in the lavish lifestyle to which he is accustomed.


3 thoughts on “Cabin Fever.”

  1. My partner is going through the application process right now so I can totally relate to your feelings.
    It’s somewhat terrible how little influence you have on things. Like you said, you can prepare your things and send it out but then you have to wait. The worst is that you don’t even hear back from most places.

    I wish you the best for your job hunt.

    Also: Finn is so so cute 😍

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    1. Agreed. I think the only socially approved form of ghosting is by potential employers during the application process, whether you just applied to have seen them during three interviews and never heard back again.

      And thank you! He is absolutely the most rotten dog in the entire world though. Right now he is carrying a candle lighter around the house (well he was until right before I wrote this). He’s scary smart and a weird combination of the cutest and most trying traits and physical attributes of a dachshund, beagle, and treeing walker hound. I cal


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