Medications for mental illness are a preferable disadvantage to a lack thereof.

I saw this post at the top of my reader page from MyLoudWhispersofHope and although I was planning to write something else, the end of her post had some questions that I thought were thought-provoking given how they were paired with her entry. It got me thinking and I have been having trouble articulating my thoughts lately so I enjoyed thinking about it. My answers to her questions are below. I recommend checking out the full post here. If it gets you thinking like it did for me, you can respond to it as well. 

“What is living with mental illness like for you?”
I think it’s like living on a leash tied to a stake and any time I try to go too far in any direction that is outside of its radius I’m reminded of my unavoidable limitations.

“What is living on psychotropic medications like?”
It’s like…being strapped to an inflated life vest. It is really uncomfortable and impedes movement in a lot of ways. It is only valuable in certain scenarios and a major setback in others (imagine wearing a life vest during a job interview or a family function) but it’s a necessary evil and I have to live with how poorly fitted it is to 80 percent of my life.

“What is living with anxiety like?”
Like living with a stress and guilt accountant who tallies up and tracks everything that is going wrong, why it is my fault, and forecasts how bad it will be for my bottom line.

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