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Although I have a mental illness and am aware of cultural misconceptions of what that means, I still hold those same stereotypes and stigma against myself, only making things worse. I was thinking about this last night and how much I worry people won’t see beyond my diagnosis if they find out. As humans, we are visual creatures so I came up with the idea of taking photos of people with mental illnesses which expand our understanding of what that means. I chose some photos of myself in moments where I am happy and active as a means of showing that anybody can have a mental illness despite appearances, we should not assume people aren’t struggling with things, and it is just another illness but because it happens mostly in the brain, it isn’t always visible.

I wanted to show that I am a person WITH a mental illness, not a mentally ill person. I am still myself and an entire person without it. Sometimes I need that reminder and I think others do too. I’m asking people who are comfortable and interested to submit their own photos so I can add them to the collage I want to put on social media and my blog. I’m not saying this is going to be a big thing at all but, if for anything, I think we deserve the right to represent and speak for ourselves.

If you are interested, please fill out this google form.

Thank you for your interest and I welcome any thoughts, questions, or suggestions you might have.

(I need both your pictures AND the form via Google. It is fairly easy to complete, like a survey. I won’t use your name without your permission and will have you approve the image first. If you can’t do it on google, email your pictures and these answers to me at

Email Address
Are you 18 years of age or older? If you aren’t, I will just need to make sure there isn’t a legal issue with me sharing your photos but I don’t believe there is.
Any blog or social media accounts you wish to include
Diagnosis (if you are comfortable)
Anything you’d want to share or to have people know about you that goes beyond your diagnosis (completely optional and may be used in graphics)
I give permission for the blog and associated social media accounts to use the photographs I am providing for the sake of this project. I understand they may be posted on social media and a blog. By sharing these photos, I am asserting I have the rights to the photographs and any necessary permissions of those involved in taking them or shown in the photos.
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